Hydrocodone Addiction & Treatment

Recently, a drug to which many people have become addicted is hydrocodone. It is an excellent pain killer. Addiction to this drug can be controlled though Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment. Hydrocodone is marketed under other names line Anolor DH5, Dolacet, Lortab, Lorcet, Zydone, Anexsia, etc. Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment is prescribed to get rid of this addiction.

You will do well to know why people get addicted to hydrocodone in the first place. Hydrocodone is a strong and highly effective pain killer. It is mainly prescribed to people who are injured and experiencing unbearable pain. It is prescribed by doctors to minimize their pain. This is also used during surgery to numb the patient’s sense of feeling. In due course, the people become averse to any feeling of pain, and they never want to feel pain thereafter. Thus it becomes an addiction. Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment are effective ways to come out of this harmful practice. Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment can be availed at many centers across the U.S.

Suboxone treatment consists of administering a mixture of Buprenorphine and Naloxone in the ratio of 4:1. Buprenorphine plays a vital role in Suboxone treatment. First, we must know the symptoms which help us to find out if a person is addicted to hydrocodone or not. Once you are used to hydrocodone you will feel the need to consume more hydrocodone to achieve the kind of feeling that you want. This is the most important symptom. Other usual symptoms include body pains, emotional pains, and changes in body temperature.

You will become a victim of depression, anger and anxiety. You can know if you are an addict by monitoring the dosage of hydrocodone. If your intake is more than 10% of the levels prescribed by the doctor, then you are addicted to hydrocodone. Another symptom is that you tend to build a wall around yourself and not get involved with other people, even your family members. Once you go beyond a certain level, your need for the drug becomes uncontrollable. There will be a marked fall in appetite also. If you sense the above symptoms, opt for Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment immediately. With Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment, you can rest assured that you will be safely out of hydrocodone addition.

Additionally, Vivitrol treatment can be administered by one of our physicians by an intramuscular injection once a month or every four weeks, to treat hydrocodone addiction.

However, there is no guarantee that a particular medicine will work wonders with anyone. It is a continuous process of treatment and evaluation.

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