Heroin Addiction & Treatment

Heroin Addiction

Abuse of drugs is a crime which is on the rise in the United States of America. The efforts taken by the Government as well as medical centers do not seen to have any telling effect on the people addicted to drugs.

Heroin addiction has swept the United States and has made the addicted people very vulnerable. Heroin takes the users to a high state of euphoria and induces a high physical dependence.

A bitter truth is that Heroin and Opiate habits are being endorsed in some movies and videos, and teenagers are attracted to them. It would be really helpful if the media avoided showing drugs as fashionable. Once you are addicted, stoppage of intake will cause several symptoms like restlessness, diarrhea, sleeplessness, severe body pain, vomiting, etc.

Morphine is the source material for heroin. Morphine occurs naturally. The seeds of certain species of poppies are used to extract morphine from. Heroin is a powdery substance and looks either brown or white.

What are the ill effects of heroin? Once it reaches the brain, it starts affecting all the senses such as one’s ability to make decisions based on reason, the angle of thinking, one’s reflexes, and even one’s memory. Once a person is used to consuming heroin, they develop a high affinity for the drug and have a rising need for the drug all the time. This turns into addiction.

Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment is the most prescribed treatment for Heroin and other Opiate addictions.

Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment involves administering the patients with a mixture which contains 4 parts of buprenorphine to 1 part of naloxone. This composition is vital for effective Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment. Why is heroin so addictive? The reason is the ability of the drug to easily penetrate the brain and influence the centers of the brain which control physical dependence. The quick action of heroin in the brain makes it all the more dangerous.

Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment has been authorized by the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 to treat Heroin and other Opiate addictions. Uncontrolled access to these drugs in the United States has not helped the cause of people and organizations which are seeking to curb it. However, Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment has been a blessing for those who seek to control this addiction.

If you or any of the people you know is an addict, direct them to Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment. Suboxone or Zubsolv treatment begins with mild doses, and will then be continued as per the patient’s reaction to it.

Please follow this link for more information on Suboxone treatment.

Additionally, Vivitrol treatment can be administered by one of our physicians by an intramuscular injection once a month or every four weeks, to treat Heroin Addiction.

However, there is no guarantee that a particular medicine will work wonders with anyone. It is a continuous process of treatment and evaluation.